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A wombat? Really? Did you see it in person, or was it in a cage?

Doug Wood

HOLGER DANSKE - now that's one beautiful boat. I've always admired Aage Nielsen's designs but particularly like his double-ender's. I had the pleasure of taking a peak at her 'cousin' NORTHERN CROWN at the WoodenBoat Show a couple of years back...just beautiful. I'll definitely be adding Mr. Bray's and Mr. Jackson's book to my collection.

Steven Bauer

"If you want to see any of this, just ask. "
I'm asking. Let's see it all. Especially the timbers.


Grant Maddock

Hi just stumbled across this site, whilst looking for a pic of my friends on Siandra. The bright hulled sloop tacking alongside the James Craig is my yacht 'Apache'. An adaption from an Al Mason one design class 'Manana', designed for Rudder Magazine in 1943. Apache was built by well known Apple grower and boatbuilder (49 yachts in his lifetime) Athol Walters. The site of his last shed is that of the Wooen Boat School on the Huon River at Franklin. Apache is 31ft overall, 7ft beam and draws 4ft 6'. Built in 1961 of local King William Pine ('King Billy) on steamed Huon Pine frames. The boat was originally launched painted red. It was raced for many years, on the Huon and Derwent, and the punished a bit up on Bass Strait. Returned to Hobart to eventually suffer a long decline. I bought him (yes, a boy boat, otherwise you wouldn't get any dinghies, just ask the French!) 8 years ago and have done a complete rebuild. I hope to sail to Port Davey on the West Coast and meet up with Siandra in the coming weeks.

Gilbert Oakley

I sailed on the Northern Crown for about 8 years with my parents and another family that shared ownership of her with my father in the 60's. I am not sure if the NORTHERN CROWN I knew is the cousin or the boat in Tasmania.

I love this boat. I saw her last at the dock in Rockport Maine 6 or 7 years ago and she was empty and beautiful (she was the one my family owned). I remember hearing about a "cousin" but never saw her. As kids, the son of my father's partner and I used to sleep on board during the summer in Tenants Harbor Maine. When we became teenagers my friend and I took her out for sails around Matinicus and and Monhegan in Maine. Such a lovely boat.

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