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Dave Tew

I bow to The Panel's superior taste and judgment, and am humbled by it. That bit about being succinct was bogus, by the way. You should know that brevity is very definitely NOT the soul of most who post on the internet.

Well... maybe I'm just speaking for myself.

Thanks again. The contest was a hoot, and I shall wear the hat with pride, relief and the secret pleasure of having snagged a freebie.

(mailing address, etc. coming via e-mail)

Larry Pasciutti

I like woodenboats because if God had want fibergalss boats he/she would have made fiberglass trees.

Mark Carver

How to go, Dave! An absolute classic!

Thanks WB for a fun event.

Jerry Burt

I also subscribe to ClassicBoat and thouroughly enjoy the style and photography they embrace (I'm a visual guy) and in their top 200 boats issue, they displayed the boats numerically and it was a treat to see boats over 100 years old and still in use. Then beside a true classic, a plastic boat would appear and cheapen, dilute and detract from the essence of the history and style of the classics. They even smell cheap!!

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