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Bob Cleek

Fibreglass wooden boats? You gotta be kidding! Sure, they are out there. Every so often somebody just HAS to lay up a "lapstrake" glass hull, or scribe plank lines on the mold. Some of these are rather well done. Still and all, WoodenBoat is about wooden boats, which ought to be boats built traditionally of wood, or extensions of that historic technology in the present day. (Okay, if you must, epoxy lamination... LOL)

If people with plastic boats want to install fine joinerwork on them, we should encourage them, but not at the expense of addressing traditional wooden boat building and "culture." Let them read WoodenBoat and figure it out themselves. If God had wanted us to have fibreglass wooden boats, He'd have made fibreglass trees.

Frankly, there's been too much off the wall stuff in the magazine of late, although I do know that coming up with new material is a chore.

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