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Bob Cleek

Now, HERE'S a topic WB might sink its (wooden?) teeth into! Who is Elizabeth Meyer and why does she keep doing those fantastic restoration jobs? From what little I know of her, she comes from a publishing family and loves to undertake restoration projects that few would dare to contemplate... and then carries them off flawlessly. A very interesting personality that I don't know enough about.

deke ulian

Dear Elizabeth (aka Sea Rat),

I just came across this notice while looking for Peter Cassidy's web address.

Congratulations on getting a boat as old (nearly) as mine. Sorry, ex-mine--now MOY's.

Where were you at the Classic? Wasn't the same without you.

I sailed on Siren. Nice. And at my age on the rail. Good place to be.

See you -- both you and the boat in good shape, I trust -- soon.


Paul and Pat Murphy

Heard your radio call to the Scituate Yacht Club requesting a mooring for a sailing yacht 61' overall 46' on deck.
With these numbers, she had to be a classic. Had to come and see her.

Seminole is magnificent ... possibly the most significant classic to visit Scituate this season. Glad you weren't put off by the limits of our harbor.

Congrats on a wonderful restoration and a beautiful example of Lawley's work and McGinnis'(sp?) design.

Pat & Paul Murphy
Bristol 29 'Tir na nOg"

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