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Doug Wood

I like wooden boats because they look good, they feel good, they smell good and dogone it, I'm worth it.

Leon Steyns

I like wooden boats because boats wooden like I!

Greets, Leon Steyns.

Terry Etapa

I like wooden boats because it confuses Bayliner owners.

Dave Tew

... other people can't help but admire my boat's sweet lines when I sail past which distracts them from looking at the expanding bald spot on the crown of my skull which I sure would like to have a Woodenboat cap to cover up so I don't have to smear that iccky SPF 30 in my hair to keep from getting painfully sunburned and having dead skin peel off on my pillow which disgusts my wife no end.

Peter Jardine

I grew up with the concept that anything made of wood is art, and that art should, and can be, appreciated, observed, admired, restored and preserved, with the understanding that we are caretakers, not owners; craftspeople, not corporations; custodians of a wooden art form that pleases, enthralls, and serves us by voyaging on the great and small seas of our world: the wooden boat.

J Dillon

It's a pleasure to fix em.

J Dillon

they make your heart sing.

John Bertenshaw

I like wooden boats because you can get em with a small deposit. And you need a lot of interest to keep em.


for all of their virtues -- and vices -- they have dancing souls.

A Abrahamson

in the end they are biodegradable.

Mark Carver

I like wooden boats because regardless of whether I'm sailing a reach, running under bare poles, lying at anchor, blocked up on the hard or snoozing in my chair there's always the pleasure of something to dream of, fix, worry about, fuss over or be proud of.


they go with water better than boats made from other materials.

Bob Perkins

... everyone can appreciate them without knowing anything about them.

Joe Dupere

they are alive.

Milo Christensen

I like wooden boats because their beauty calls to me with voices I can't ignore.

james burt

they show us our soul.

Tom Hogan

Life is a process -- just like the process of planning to build a wooden boat, building it, enjoying it and sharing it.

Stephen horsley

every piece has been shaped, crafted, bent, tweaked and fitted with care, thought, knowledge, experience, blood, sweat and hopefully not to many tears, rather than being glued, splodged, rolled, squeezed, popped and all from behind a thin veil of synthetic overalls and rubber gloves while breathing through an apparatus.

Don Kurylko

I like wooden boats because…
They make my heart soar and please my eyes,
And sooth my soul in times of strife;
And let me know that ancient forests,
Now long gone,
Still stir beneath my feet
And whisper in my ear primordial rhythms
Danced to the Ocean’s beat; as I,
Upon the cresting waves and flying spray,
Driven by our Mother’s breath, roam
This fragile Sphere in search of long lost Peace.


I like wooden boats because I like the people who take care of wooden boats.


I like wooden boats because they need me.


I like wooden boats because they are crafted by the hand of man and I, like others, have taught myself to scuplt a boat out of natures bounty, unlike steel or fibeglass, a wooden boat has a warmth, a personality and thus a soul, a boat crafted by one's own hands it an extenstion of one's soul, and with the blood sweat and tears becomes one with the builder, unlike the steel boats the warmth and glow of the wood is like cozy piece of heaven we can call our own.

Matt Joyce

I like wooden boats because because I can't quantify succintly the reasons I like wooden boats; it's a combination of all the senses - she's simply beautiful, she sounds better, she smells better, and she feels better either under my feet on a reach or under my hand when I'm maintaining her (which I'm willing to do); OK, maybe she doesn't taste better, but she is certainly in better taste than the "other" boats.

Matt Joyce

I like wooden boats because when we visit other ports and wedding photographers forget to take pictures of the bride and groom, so they can take a picture of Rarus, we are justifiably proud.

Alan D. Hyde

I like wooden boats because... Wooden boats marry nature with art, and work body and soul to serve us well.


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