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Love seeing the photos Matt!

Dave Tew

Is the Sognefjord where sognebats (about the size and shape of an oselver) were built and used? It's good to see that Arne Christiansen is so hale and hearty. He came to the then Bath Marine Museum (and elsewhere over here) about twenty five years ago and I heard him talk about native Norwegian watercraft.

Matthew Murphy

I'm sitting with Åsmund Kristiansen at the Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter in Norheimsund. He's a ship documentation specialist here, and he tells me that you are correct.

Dave Tew

Wow... I ask a question here and the answer comes back in a little over an hour from an expert it probably would have taken me days to find in another era.

I am so glad to hear the FRAM is preserved. The descriptions in Huntsford's book about Amundsen and Peary make that vessel seem like a living thing.

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