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Dave Richards

I for one will be looking forward to your reports. I was planning to join you this year but timing was wrong. I hope next year you'll do another one of these things to Norway. Enjoy the trip.

Ha det bra.


I will watch to see what and where you go cause I know two people who are in the group and my dad he likes to build boats both big and small and then sails them around parts of the atlantic and he don't like to use engines cause he calls em stink pots! I hope they are enjoyin the trip.

susan krause

I am awed by the beauty and craft surroundig your Norway trip.

Steven Bauer

If it's not too much trouble I'd love to see some close-up photos of any Fearings you might run into. Things like rudder fittings, tiller connections, sailing rigs...stuff like that. Looks like fun, we're hoping the weather is fine.

Steven Bauer

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