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Eric Sorensen

1) How much fuel does the Consolidated Playboat MEMORY burn at full speed?

Twenty-two gallons an hour.

2) How much fuel does the New Zealand cruising launch WHIO burn at cruising speed?

Half a gallon an hour at 10 knots.

3) What words did the dying Thomas Fleming Day whisper to a friend?

“I am slipping, but life is sweet still.”

4) What was the thickness of the deck planking of the racing scow Outlook?

¼ inch

5) What are the two principal methods of traditional planking?

Carvel, lapstrake

6) Which boat won the first Bermuda Race?

Tamerlane (but you say Gauntlet in a caption)

7) What are the dates and location of the John Gardner Small Craft Weekend?

June 3-4, Mystic, Conn.

8) Who designed the Triangle-class sloop?

John Alden

9) In what year was the cabin-class sloop CHEWINK launched?


10) What were the names of the two original Knockabout sloops at Marblehead, Massachusetts?

Nancy and Jane.

Ron Carter

Would just like to see #190. I'm still convinced that the post man takes them home and reads them before delivering them. Same with MAIB.

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