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Dave Tew

Congratulations to Eric Sorensen! As winner of last year's "cap contest" I bow to your superior powers of observation. Long Live the King!

Richard Morris

Lovely contest- interesting subject matter, and not so difficult as to be intimidating. I am also proof that the contest has efficiently served it's purpose as I am a lurker who has been drawn out into the open.

I do have a criticism, though. I did not participate in the contest because I still haven't received my copy of the May/June issue. As soon as I get it I will search for the answers, but I don't expect I'll be in the running for a cap. You warned of the quiz early on April 19th, posted it early on April 20th and had your winner later that day. Today is April 27th and I still haven't seen my magazine.

I have been a subscriber for something around 15 years, and can probably afford to buy a ball cap if I need one, but I still feel a little hard done by -I find it frustrating to eye the magazine on store shelves, easily available to those less committed to the cause (ie those without subscriptions) while I run home each day to an empty mailbox.

Perhaps next time you could use the last month's issue? Not as exiting, maybe, but there is a certain pleasure in re-thumbing a back issue to see if you recall things correctly....

thanks, I am off to look for osmotic blisters on my Soling, then go for a paddle in my skin-on-frame baffin kayak .

Rick Morris

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