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Dave Tew

Thanks for reprinting that. When I lived in Savannah I saw Rusty Fleetwood build a Whitehall (under Robb's 'tutelage') out of tulip polar. That stuff was sum tuff!


Thank you for sharing this. I have friends in Thomasville, Joe and Peg McGraw, and have spent a lot of time there with them. Joe grew up with the Robb and his sisters, and when he helped Robb out with a legal matter a few years back, Robb (or Benji as Joe knows him) built Joe a boat. I never met Robb, but I loved the "Joe-Boat." Loved Robb's memoirs, as well.

What a loss.

Frank Jarrell

Rereading Matt Murphy's article caused a wave of nostalgia and brought a tear or two to my eye. My boat was the last boat Robb built for anyone else for several years. It seems that while he was building mine,January-June of 2000) one of his sisters figured out how much each boat costing him to build,so he was trying to arrive at a new method of pricing. this proved to be so frustrating that he decided to build the Rescue Minor for himself.

This project took several years to reach full fruition,in the meantime providing him with material for numerous articles in "Messing About in Boats" He also finished his book and got it published during this time. Robb's prose tended to border on the scatological, but his editor did an excellent job in maintaining the character and originality of his writing, and still keeping it printable. The book is available on CD from Blackstone, read by Robb himself. I heartily recommend it.

After boatbuilding and his family, his first love was corresponding. He informed me early on that he was his high school class' champion typist and proceded to prove it. In the six months that my boat was being built, I must have received a hundred or more letters describing the progress of the boat,relating anecdotes from the distant and recent past, and expounding his views on a wide variety of subjects.

He got along particularly well with my youngest son, a soulmate, who is mentioned in the preceding article.

He was a delightful fellow, and a good friend. I am sorry he couldn't stick around to build the next Frank Jarrell Boat.(A 19' felluca, his favorite.

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