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D. Russell Jones, Jr.

Has Wooden Boat published any boat plans of Robb White? Also, I would like to read any other articles about his building technique. I am especially interested in any sailboat designs up to 17'. Any information will be appreciated.

Matt Murphy

We have not published plans by Robb White, because there aren't any. Robb's process was unconventional. He built his boats by eye, and did not commit their shapes to paper.

Tim Shaw

As I note in my blog, Chine bLog (http://www.chineblog.com/archives/67-Good-call-from-WoodenBoat-Getting-Started-in-Boats.html), I found your recent editorial, Matt, interesting, but I just don't agree. Too much complexity too soon could backfire if the novice builder gets bogged down. See my piece for more detail if you are interested.

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